Saturday, December 27, 2014

Dim Tai Fung

For Susanna's 30th birthday, she wanted to go to a new restaurant in University Village, Dim Tai Fung which actually is a chain of dumpling house style restaurants throughout Asia.  So we took the whole crowd.  Or the parts of it who were around.

Really, most of the group is on their own and we don't have the cast of thousands as we did.  But, during the holidays, lots of people are around.

This place which has similar fare as our own Fu Man Dumpling House is wildly popular.  Go the day after Christmas and it was almost a two hour wait.  However, I took the girls to H&M which is a new trendy fashion place.  Goal was to get Susanna some interview/work clothes but it too was crowded and it was hard having 5 people tell her what to wear.  Dennis and Matt stayed back at the restaurant.  Kind of fun as the weather was mild and the upscale center was lit up.

But we finally got in and it was fun, a bit pricey.  I cooked tonight.  We also went to lunch at Grandma Anne's place.

Can you believe it, on Christmas eve, we didn't have a holiday cookie in the house and since then...the usual onslaught of baked goods.  I thought maybe it wouldn't happen this year....yeah, right.

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